Autodesk 3Ds Max Certification Course back to short term courses

Duration: 6 Months

Course Intro:
At SAVE, students are trained in 3DS Max- the industry standard for Games and Visual Effects. 3DS Max is also used to create wonders in thousands of games, commercials and film effects, the examples of which can be seen in X-Men, Catch Me If You Can, Final Destination, Swordfish, Mission Impossible , The Mummy Returns. In addition, most best selling Video Games are made with 3DS Max, including the EA Sports Series.

Course Contents:

Software Covered: Autodesk Max

Modeling - Creating Organic & Inorganic Models, Product Modeling, Character Modeling, Creating, 3D Environment, Creating High Resolution Model, Creating Low poly Models for Game, Creating Architectural Models

Texturing - UVW Unwrapping, UVW Mapping, Creating Seamless Textures

Lighting - Lighting Concepts, Standard &Photometric Lights, Global Illumination Techniques

Camera - Camera Angles, Lens Distortion, Camera Projection Techniques, Camera Animation, Camera Transitions, Using Target & Free Camera

Rendering - About Rendering Engines, Hardware and Software Rendering Techniques, Advanced Rendering Techniques in Mental Ray and V-Ray, Batch Rendering

Rigging - Creating Animation Rig IK/FK, Skinning

Animation - Biped Animation, Mechanical Animation & Character Animation

Project Work

Career options:
•3D Artist
•Max 3D Designer
•Rigging Artist
•Character Animator
•3D Compositor
•3D Visualizer
•3D Designer
•Max 3D Artist
•Texture Artist
•Modeling artist

Ask Us
Students Speak :
"I am privileged to learn at SAVE where we are taught by experienced professionals in the field. Now I work in an animation studio".
- Arnob Roy
"The learning methods are well balanced with practical wisdom. With the help of faculty members, we are channelised in proper ways."
- Sudip Naskar
"It gives me immense joy to join the Mayabious Team of Animation. I have been placed here even before I could finish my last semester. I am really happy that I joined SAVE."
- Manab
"I was really confused as to what to do after 10+2. I loved computers and now I love Animation. Joining SAVE gave me the oppurtunuty to look at the inside self of me."
- Partha
"The course is very supportive for Architectural designers and the faculties are very well informed and helpful."
- Sukti Som