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Advanced Web Designing(AWD) back to diploma

Duration: 12 Months

Course Intro:
Web Design is a one of the promising career in IT field which can which can help your dream to come true to get a lucrative job. If you have creative mind and want to do something new web design course is best for you.

Course Covers:

Phase I - Concept of Graphics and Vector Magic & Image Magic

• Introduction to Photoshop
• Introduction to Digital Still Image   Format
• Introduction to Digital Still Image   Format
• Filters, Layers (modes) and Action
• Image optimization for use in web   pages
• PSD slicing for Web
• Editing of Digital Still Image
• Image Cropping, using the Pen tool
• Static Banner Designing
• Web Page Layout designing
• Creation of custom effects
• Logo design using Illustrator


Phase II - Dream Weaver, HTML, CSS, Basic Flash, Project

• Fundamental concepts of HTML,   XHTML and CSS
• Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
• Learning XHTML tags and structure
• Creating web Form and PHP   submission procedure
• Cross Browser Compatibility (Pixel   Match)
• Learning CSS 2.1 and CSS 3
• PSD to XHTML conversion, using both   Div and Table formats and CSS
  (2.1 & 3)
• Introduction to Audio and Video for web
• How to Create Dropdown Web Menu   (using CSS and JS)
• SEO friendly XHTML structure and   implementation of SEO into web page

Software Covered: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Basic Flash

Phase III - Web Design, Advance HTML, CSS + JQuery

Introduction to Various Web Browsers
• W3C HTML/XHTML Validation
• Website Testing on Multiple Browsers
• Working on Compatibility Issues
• Introduction on FTP Client and Server   Software
• Training on Domain Name   Registration
• How to make a Website Live
• Website Maintenance
• Brief Introduction to HTML 5 and   Responsive technology


• Basics of Jquery
• Jqueryaccordian
• Jqery image slider
• Jquerycss
• Simple functions and application of   jquery
• How to submit form without submit   button in jquery functions

Software Covered: CSS Advanced, HTML Advanced, CSS Intermediate, HTML Intermediate, Website Design in Photoshop

Phase IV - Flash Site Design (Static and dynamic) & Project

Adobe Flash

• Introduction to the Adobe Flash   Environment
• The Flash tools panel
• Practical
• Importing and using graphics
• Using text (static, dynamic & input)
• Layering Flash elements
• Organizing content in layer folders
• Using color effectively and creating a   color swatch
• Working with symbols, libraries, and   instances
• Fill Techniques
• Practical
• Action script in movie clip
• Action script in frame
• Factors to consider before publishing
• Techniques for optimizing movies
• Creating custom cursor
• Practical on creating custom cursor
• Flash Vector Illustration
• Graphic, button and movie clip   symbols
• Principles of Animation
• Motion tweening
• Practical
• Using motion guides
• Masking techniques
• Practical on motion guides & masking
• Shape tweening
• Fading Text
• Practical on shape tweening& text   animation
• Introduction to action script
• Action script in Buttons
• Creating custom scrollbar (Practical)
• Loading text dynamically (Practical)
• Using Video/flv(Practical)
• Using Sound (play/pause/stop)   (Practical)
• Difference between motion tween and   classic tween on FLASH CS4 and   above
• Introduction to bone tool on Flash CS4   and above

Software Covered: FLASH

Career options:
Graphic Designer
Web/Interactive Designer
User Interface (UI) Designer
Layout Artist
Developer for Interactive E-Learning

Ask Us
Students Speak :
"I am privileged to learn at SAVE where we are taught by experienced professionals in the field. Now I work in an animation studio".
- Arnob Roy
"The learning methods are well balanced with practical wisdom. With the help of faculty members, we are channelised in proper ways."
- Sudip Naskar
"It gives me immense joy to join the Mayabious Team of Animation. I have been placed here even before I could finish my last semester. I am really happy that I joined SAVE."
- Manab
"I was really confused as to what to do after 10+2. I loved computers and now I love Animation. Joining SAVE gave me the oppurtunuty to look at the inside self of me."
- Partha
"The course is very supportive for Architectural designers and the faculties are very well informed and helpful."
- Sukti Som